Cokethorpe School

Cokethorpe school, founded in 1957 by Francis Brown, is a co-educational school for children aged four all the way to eighteen, where education is tailored to the pupils in order for them to achieve excellence.

Cokethorpe has transformed its digital teaching experience using Connect by Centrality. By embracing the best of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform on high-quality Surface Pro devices with Windows 10, pupils and teachers have access to a world of education and the latest tools and techniques, all at their fingertips.

What’s more, traditional PCs and projectors have been removed from classrooms and replaced with docks and display screens for a more immersive, innovative educational experience. Some 115 Surface devices were deployed to students within just two weeks, all with 24/7 support to keep them optimal.

But the technology is just one part of the equation. Centrality partnered with Cokethorpe from the beginning of the process to help develop a roadmap for successful adoption that included the tech, but also the culture, training and approach to ensure a successful project and maximum return on investment.